Tuesday, 16 March 2010

IMDB iPhone App Now Available at the App Store Apple Debuts IMDB iPhone Application for Movie Freaks

If you're on of those who watch movies and use the internet frequently,
the possibility to have missed the IMDB website, or the Internet Movie
Database, is close to none. One of the most useful sites on the web and
among the best sources for movie information( reviews, ratings and
trivia, as they have the largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity
information anywhere ), we just caught wind that the IMDB guys have
come up with a simple and highly functional iPhone pp.
Now you can get all the needed info directly on your iPhone, without
having to use your browser as IMDB have just released a new iPhone
application that helps gathering all the information that the IMDB
website provides. It works pretty much the same way the actual website
does. At present, it does not support any functionality that requires
logging in to the sites, such as rating movies or posting comments, but
that's definitely something that they will probably be implementing in
the near future.
You can download the IMDB iPhone App for free from the iPhone App Store
or iTunes, right now.
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