Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Exemode SQ28 Keychain Digital Camera Breaks Cover SQ28 Camera with Low Res Videos, But Charming Form Factor

Given their ultra portable, pocket-sized design, small digital cameras
have flooded the market, as of late. And although Flip Video — one
of the few com
panies to charm you, me and video bloggers out there writing about their
daily doings, have done great so far (with their video camera offering
more than decent video quality), the folks from Exemode have turned
into a powerful competitor, as the company have announced that their
SQ28 camera is now official.
Up until now Exemode have rolled out other products, too, but none
proved to be a true seller. However, this time around, their SQ28 Pocket
Digital Camera supposedly has what it takes to get to your heart.
Although small enough to fit on a keychain, the SQ28 can still record
video. but the big drawback is that it records video at low resolution.
Just to make things clear, the new Exemode SQ28m is a 21g digital camera
that only measuresย 53 x 23 x 19 mm. The camera can capture stills at
1280 x 1200 pixels and record video at 320 x 240 resolution at 8fps
(really low) without audio in either Motion JPEG or AVI format. The
culprit? A 1.95 megapixel camera sensor.On top of that there are also a
number of color filters that can make the result look like those taken
on a retro 8mm, and has a 64GB of built-in storage space and a microSD
to expand that up to 2GB of storage.
It may not record HD video like Flip Video, but it beats it hands down
when it comes to charm. The SQ28m will go on sale in Japan tomorrow
priced at ยฅ5,985 ( ~ $65)
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