Tuesday, 2 March 2010

HTC Touch.B Romeโ€ Smartphone Spotted in the Wild Is the Touch.B an Android Version of the HTC Touch2?

It looks like we finally have a new HTC phone to explore but
unfortunately for us it s not official yet. The HTC Touch.B, also known
as the Rome, has appeared out of nowhere today. The phone has been
spotted in the wild but HTC hasn t said anything official about it
yet.From the looks of it the Rome might easily be mist
aken for the Windows Mobile 6.5-running HTC Touch2. In fact some people
say that the Rome is an Android version of the Touch2. I m actually
interested in such a version of the truth since I secretly hope that the
HTC HD2, the flagship Windows Mobile 6.5 phone of HTC, will also get an
Android version. And I guess that secret hope is shared by lots of other
smartphone lovers out there. In all fairness to them I ll have to remind
them that HTC says that the HD2 won t come with Android on board. Well
what is the HTC Passion/ Dragon supposed to be then?
Getting back to the Rome, the first pictures of the new HTC smartphone
have been provided by a French website, MobiFrance but we have no specs
whatsoever for it. The French guys did say that tomorrow we re going to
get more details about it. The pictures look genuine and I m surprised
that no blurry cam has been involved. Which makes me wonder how come we
don t have more details today if someone got that close to a Rome in
order to take such pictures?
Unfortunately I don t think that the Rome will be able to compete
against the Motorola Droid. Sure, if it s anything like the HTC Touch2
then we re counting on it to be a great smartphone but it s no best
seller. At this point we have no idea what carrier is going to get it
but bear with us until tomorrow and we ll have more details for you.

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