Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Google Bringing Extensions To Chrome Web Chrome Getting Customizable Extensions, like Firefox

Sources within Google are reporting to blog TechCruch that Google will
unveil a Firefox-like extension feature to the Chrome web browser,
ideally at Add-on-Con 09, an extremely niche tech conference that deals
with browser add-ons. While Chrome already supports custom themes,
developer support for Extensions was only released a few weeks ago.
Google's Chrome OS already supports a few Google-madeย extensions, like ones
relating to Gmail, but Chrome lacks support for third-party ones. Such
third-party extensions have made Mozilla's Firefox the most popular
(non-Internet Explorer) web browser. Two weeks ago, Google allowed
developers to upload extensions to the gallery, but Chrome users were
unable to apply them to their browsers.
Chrome users have been able to add hundreds of extensions onto Chrome
with a hack and without Google's support, but some of the more popular
extensions have already ported their software to Google's official gallery.
At first, only the Windows version of Chrome will support extensions,
although I don't imagine this will last long. TechCrunch expects Google
to unwrap this feature this week – and to add fuel to the rumor
fire, they're a major sponsor of the Add-on-Con where they are expected
to show it off.
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