Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Google-made Phone 'Guaranteed' By Leak Google Sources Says Google Phone Prototype In Use On Campus, Running 'Real' Verison Of Android

File this one in the 'rumor' category. A 'trusted source' within Google
revealed to Gizmodo that a Google Phone is coming, and they weren't
talking about a handset from Motorola or some other company running
Android, a real life honest-to-goodness Google designed and manufactured
mobile phone.
The source claims to have seen the 'Google Phone' firsthand, running
aย versionย of Android that hasn't yet been seen by the general public.
The source promised Giz that prototypes of the Phones would
beginย circulatingย among Google employees at Google's Mountain View
campus. In addition to the 'new'ย versionย of Android,
theyย reportedlyย sport a large LCD screen, possibly similar to a
MID-type device.
The source also assured Giz that the 'new' Android was seen running on a
laptop and it wasn't Chrome, either. Giz's little leaker also assured
the blog that the Google Phone will sport the 'real'ย versionย of
Android (but didn't iterate on that,ย apparently), which draws a bunch
of questions about the currentย versionย of Android that has been taking
the mobile market by storm.
Rumors about a Google Phone have beenย circulatingย around the web
forever, and usuallyย involveย the Google Phone using WiMax or some
other VOIP scheme to avoid having to go through a cell carrier. Most
assumed that the release of Android was what the Google Phone ended up
being, but not so fast, says Gizmodo's source. Earlier this month, we
reported on a rumor that Google was going to develop a phone based on
HTC tech.
Do we want Google designing a phone? What other experience designing
hardware does the search giant have? I think that Android phones, with
Google writing the OS and somebody else developing the hardware is the
way to go, but there seems to be an interest in a Google-developed
phone.Read | Or scroll down for further on topic reading.

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