Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Google to Stream TV Shows on YouTube? Google Wants to Compete Against Apple’s and Amazon’s TV Offerings

If Google is launching a Google Phone soon, then providing content for
it will be a very important task. The Android Market can t be compared
to the App Store. Moreover, Apple already has iTunes in place ready to
also offer lots of music and TV shows.So what will Google do? It looks
like the Internet giant is interested in bringing the TV world and all
the popular shows to YouTube. These shows will be conveniently streamed
to one s computer or other devices for a fee. But will Google succeed at
such a task?
Google is trying to convince the TV industry to let it stream those TV
shows. These would be first-run TV shows uninterrupted by commercials
and running the very next day after the episode has been already
broadcasted on cable. Every episode will be available for $1.99 which
seems to be the regular price in the business.
Unlike Amazon and Apple, Google is more interested in streaming those TV
shows which might not be popular with some consumers. Networks are not
willing to change the pricing scheme which means you ll end up paying
the same fee for watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show,
no matter where you re going to go to. The difference is that YouTube
will stream the show while Apple and Amazon will let you download the
episodes you want and watch them whenever you feel like it.
Naturally, streaming TV shows while you re on the go can be problematic.
Extra fees could apply if you don t have an unlimited data plan or if
you re roaming so you ll end up paying for your show a lot more than
expected. If you re going to use the service from home and you have a
stable Internet connection then I see no problem with streaming all the
content you like.
In the mean time we re yet to see if Google s streaming TV business is
going to take off but we ll definitely keep you in the loop.

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