Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Google Launches New Public DNS Service What It Means to You and Me

Google, the master of the Internet as we know it, has come up with a new
way of speeding up web browsing for us. I am talking about Google Public
DNS, a service that has just been made public and it s being
experimented with as we speak.Do we need Google to manage DNS for us?
DNS stands for Domain Name System and its purpose is to translat
e to computers what we human refer to as website names. In other words
DNS transforms hostnames into IP addresses which are required in order
to access any site out there.
We can t surf the web without DNS so we definitely need it in our lives.
Google Public DNS will let you and me access the Internet in a different
way. We will have to change our network settings in order for the web
requests to go through the new Google service instead of our default
Internet service provider.
Google has the power and resources to offer you faster responses to your
searches and to your web surfing. The company has developed a huge cache
of popular domains which are continuously refreshed. Whenever you point
your browser to one of those web sites Google will display the site a
lot faster than our regular ISP does.
Are you wondering about how your privacy will be affected by the new
Google Public DNS technology? Google says that the Public DNS service
will keep your IP address for up to 48 hours and then it would get
deleted. But then again you will be accessing various sites every day
through Google Public DNS, won t you? Google will hold for about two
weeks of data about our ISP and the city we live in so it looks like we
shouldn t have anything to worry about when it comes to privacy.
So what do you say folks? Are you ready to let Google handle your
Internet requests? Is Google taking over the Internet?

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