Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Apple Registers TabletMac Trademark Apple’s Tablet Has a Name; Long Live the TabletMac!

Don t get too excited, folks. As always nothing is official about the
Apple tablet, but with rumor and little piece of unconfirmed news we are
getting closer and closer to t
he truth. And the truth is out there, isn t it?Today we find out that
Apple has decided to register the TabletMac trademark. That doesn t
necessarily mean that now we know the name of the upcoming tablet but it
s a clear indication that Apple is thinking about using it.
Unfortunately the process of acquiring said trademark hasn t been that
It seems that Axiotron, a company that converts Apple laptops into
tablets and sells them for $699 has registered that term. The company
has been selling TabletMacs since 2007 so naturally it has registered
that product name.
Apple has decided to register the TabletMac last year. The registration
request is dated November 6, 2008 but the actual trademark transfer
occurred at some point this year.
To tell you the truth, I kinda hate the TabletMac name. It s too long,
and we have enough Macs in our life. I was expecting the future tablet
to be called the iTablet, or, if it has to be a Mac then the iMac. It s
a pretty logical name considering that Apple refers to its phone as the
Maybe Apple doesn t want to call the device the TabletMac either. Maybe
Cupertino wants to cover all bases so people don t confuse products when
the actual tablet becomes available.
Speaking about the tablet I certainly hope that Apple will make it and
launch it next year. We ve just heard yesterday how another tablet
project got shut down indefinitely. The CrunchPad is not coming due to
various problems. Apple has also delayed the launch of the tablet too
but hopefully the project won t be canceled at any point in the
following months.
What would you like to call your tablet?

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