Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dell Expanding Mobile Business Dell Creating New Mobile Phone, MID division

Texas-based computer giant Dell has reorganized and added a new mobile
deviceย divisionย to their company. This com
es only after a month since Dellย announcedย they would make phones and
their early showing with the Dell Mini 3i. Dell joins other
computerย manufacturersย Apple, Acer, Lenovo,ย amongย others, in the
mobile phone space.
Dell's new mobile phone division will be run by one Ron Garriques, a
former Motorola boss who was leading Dell's consumer computer division.
When Garriques was brought to Dell (reportedly personally by Michael
Dell) in 2007, it spurred rumors that Dell would reattempt something in
the mobile product line.
Dell's PDA line, Axim, was produced from 2002 to 2007, but sold poorly
in the 'BlackBerry era' of smartphones with well designed e-mail and
other business features. Dell's Mini 3i is their first phone attempt,
although it is only going to be sold (at first) in China and Brazil.
Dell said that in addition to phones, Dell will also produce MIDs
(mobile internet devices) and possibly a tablet.
Dell was formerly #1 in worldwide computer sales, but has slipped to #2
behind Taiwan's Acer. Some sources report Dell has fallen even further
to #3. With the worldwide recession, both home and enterprise computer
sales are down, affecting the revenue of Dell.

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