Friday, 5 March 2010

LG Arena Max to be Launched Soon? Rumored Specs: 5-IN Touchscreen Display, 12-megapixel Camera, S-Class Interface and โ€�Super-fastโ€ Downloads

LG s Arena was one of my favorite phones at some point earlier this year
and it is probably one of the best phones created by LG so far. But that
doesn t mean LG has to stop there. In fact we re waiting for the company
to launch even hotter phones in the following months.One of them could
very well be the LG Arena Max, the expected follower of the Arena. The
phone hasn t been officially announced yet and it might be a while until
we see it in stores. But we do know that the Arena Max has just passed
through the Wi-Fi certification process which means the phone is underway.
The Arena Max LU9400 is probably going to be the next flagship phone of
LG. Details are scarce at this point but people are expecting the phone
to arrive with some impressive specs. I am talking about a very large
5-inch touchscreen display, a 12-megapixel camera, �super-fast �
download speeds and, naturally, Wi-Fi connectivity. The Arena Max will
probably come with LG s S-Class user interface that we have gotten used
to although we d definitely love to be surprised by a different OS
running in the background. Say Android 2.1 for example?
Yes, the LG Arena Max seems to be a great phone but do we really want
all those features from a phone? Isn t 5-inch too much for a screen? The
Max should be still a cell phone and not an Internet tablet. What about
that 12-megapixel camera? Do we really want such a cell phone camera? If
we re looking for more professional pictures maybe we should get a
professional camera and use it instead of the phone s camera. What we do
want is a speedier processor, 3G/3.5G support, Wi-Fi connectivity, a
great battery and a stable OS. Oh, and did I mention the affordable price?
On the other hand this is supposed to be the Arena Max so it should have
some spectacular features. Until we have the actual details of the Arena
Max, tell us what you think about it! Anyone interested in the LG Arena
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