Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ford Sync API Open to Devs in 2010 App Store, Mobile Integration On The Way?

Ford will be opening its Ford Sync API to developers in 2010, possibly
leading to the release of a Sync app store as well as vehicle control of
third party mobile apps.ย Currently, controls on Ford Sync-enabled
vehicles can be tied to contacts and music on mobile devices.ย With an
open API, this kind of integration would be extended to third-party
mobile apps for the iPhone, Android phones and others.
The Ford Sync API will first be open to students at the University of
Michigan, Dearborn, who have already created two apps c
alled SYNCCast and FollowMe.ย SYNCCast ties the vehicle's stereo knobs
and voice commands to internet radio on an iPhone via Bluetooth,
enabling an easier control option than fiddling with the iPhone touch
screen.ย FollowMe is even more progressive, enabling multiple
Sync-enabled vehicles to stay in formation with guided navigation
technology based on a leader car.ย If you're following a Sync-enabled
vehicle, FollowMe will give turn-by-turn directions to locate that car
should you get separated.
With the popularity of app stores for iPhone, Android and other mobile
operating systems, its likely that this move by Ford could lead to
greater app integration with the Ford Sync system.ย Whether this will
lead to a Ford Sync app market of its own or simply Sync-specific apps
for mobile phones, this much will be decided by developers and Ford in
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