Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Custom 158-lens Camera Exposed Japanese University Builds 158-lens Camera, Gets Guinness World Record

A team from Japan's Nagoya Institute of Technology has created
a custom-built 158-lens camera, which was quickly awarded the 'Camera
With The Most Lenses' Record by the good people at Guinness World
Records. The camera was used for their studies into fire, and can also
double as a 3D camera.
This isn't an obscure $10,000 digital camera from aย boutiqueย South
Korean company – it actually has a real scientific purpose and was
custom-built. Professor Yojiro Ishino and his group of students built
the camera to capture a burning flam from as many degrees as possible.
The camera took six-months to complete. The main body of the device is
roughly 7.2cm (2.8 inches) high and 47cm (18 inches) in diameter.
The camera can also generator a 3D picture of the flame by using ย CT
(computed tomography) technology. You'd expect something like this to be
expensive, but the press is reporting that the device only cost the team
roughly $332 to construct it. It's a cool gadget, but don't expect it to
be hitting theย shelvesย of your local Best Buy anytime soon.
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