Sunday, 14 March 2010

eviGroup Wallet MID Redesigned Android-Powered MID Redesigned, Still Coming Soon

The folks over at eviGroup has been planning their 5 MID device for
some time (well, since August 2009) and they've run into some roadblocks
in the manufacturing stage, but that hasn't stopped them from showing
off a new redesign of the device. The Wallet MID will come with a 5
-inch screen and will sport Android OS.
According to SlashGear, the eviGroup Wallet was set to release in it's
native France this month, but difficulties with the ARM processor that
will be the CPU for the Wallet have slowed the French MID's
manufacturing timeline, and it won't be released this month.
But, it isn't all unfortunate news, as we were given a glimse of the
Wallet's new design (less iPhone-looking than the prototype is the
general internet consensus. The Wallet MID will sport a 5-inch
touchscreen, WiFi, 3G, GPS and a forward-looking webcam. No information
on pricing has been revealed, but the Wallet is on schedule now to be
released next month.
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