Sunday, 14 March 2010

HP iPAQ Unboxed HP's Smartphone Released To Reviewers, 3.1-megapixel camera, touchscreen

Review versisons of HP's upcoming iPAQ smartphone were sent to internet
reviewers, and unboxing videos and hands-on opinions followed. The iPAQ
is sort of an unusual mix of iPhone touchscreen and Blackberry QWERTY as
it features a touchscreen but also a full plastic QWERTY keyboard.
The HP iPAQ Glisten is being sold thr
ough AT T and will only be sold on their online store, which is a bit of
an odd move. The phone is being aimed at business professionals with the
RIM-like full QWERTY keyboard, however, the inclusion of a touchscreen
adds something that most phones in this space don't have. However, I
don't know how many business users will even bother with the touchscreen.
However, the resistive touchscreen is only 2.5 , as it fits in the
Blackberry-like formfactor. The small touchscreen doesn't leave
manyย possibilities. Ideally, you'd put a full touchscreen in a phone
with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but perception is everything HP
probably doesn't want their 'business' phone to have that look.
In addition to the screen, the phone sports a 533MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM,
aGPS and a microSD slot. Unfortunately, the phone comes with Windows
Mobile 6.5, which isn't exactly an award winning mobile OS. The iPAQ
Glisten will be sold on AT T's website for $180 subsidized or $380
without a contract.
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