Sunday, 14 March 2010

Electrolux UltraSilencer Vacuum Contains iPod Dock Swedish Vacuum Has iPod Dock, Claims Music While Vacuuming Helps You Vacuum Quicker, Better

ish giant Electrolux has been making vacuums for over 90 years, so it's
about time they included an iPod dock in their models. Their
UltraSilencer line of canister vacuum cleaners will soon include an
iPod dock, and they didn't stop there, as they even did a scientific
study to prove it's usefulness.
Electroluxย has released a 12-page whitepaper on their research into
Music Assisted Vacuum Cleaning , which was written at the Electrolux
Centre for Acoustics Research in Stockholm. In case you didn't know,
the Swedes take their vacuum cleaning very seriously. Their study took
10 randomly selected people, and asked them to vacuum in various rooms,
while not listening to music, then while listening to music. Their
results found that aย personย listening to music had more 'sweeps per
minute' while vacuuming (38 without music vs. 127 while listening to
electronica). Their test subjects also felt better generally after
listening to music than not, after using the vacuum cleaner.
All of this is promotion for Electrolux's upcoming addition to the
UltraSilencer line of vacuum cleaners, which will feature an iPod dock
and big speakers forย convenientย recharging and playback of your iPod
and it's music while doing boring chores like vacuuming.
Despite all the the buzz around theย announcementย and pictures of the
new iPod dock model, there hasn't been a price or official release
dateย announcedย yet from Electrolux. Their current UltraSilencer vacuum
(sans iPod Dock) currently costs $300 in the United States.
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