Monday, 22 March 2010

LaCie 2Big USB 3.0 Dual-Disk RAID Drive Gets Official LaCie & Symwave Announce USB 3.0 Dual Hard Disk RAID Storage Solution

We might not be able to really make the most of USB 3.0 yet but that
doesn t mean we don t have to think proactively. Companies like LaCie
and Symwave are looking
forward to a world where USB 3.0 will replace the current USB 2.0
standard and we will all be ready to enjoy lots of USB 3.0-ready gadgets
and devices.That s why LaCie has partnered up with Symwave to introduce
the world s first USB 3.0 dual-drive RAID storage solution. The LaCie
2Big USB 3.0 drive boasts record speeds of up to 275MB/s which is
definitely something to remember. The 2Big USB 3.0 hard disk drive will
be available in up to 4TB capacities and it could become exactly the
backup/storage solution you were looking for.
John O Neill, vice president of marketing at Symwave had this to say
about the collaboration with LaCie:
LaCie has a strong worldwide brand and a proven track record for
developing high-performance and innovative storage solutions. This
collaboration with LaCie, which coincides with our SW6318 USB 3.0
dual-SATA product announcement is yet another first in the industry and
for Symwave. The end user experience of external storage is undergoing a
very significant upgrade with the launch of USB 3.0 products. We are
pleased to be leading the market transition with such a strong partner
like LaCie.
Unfortunately for those of you already looking forward for such a drive,
the 2Big is not available just yet. LaCie will only launch it at some
point in early 2010 but not before showcasing the 2Big USB 3.0 drive at
the CES 2010 from January 7-10, 2009 in Las Vegas.
While you re dreaming about up to 275MB/s transfer speeds you can always
buy other storage solutions out there and settle for inferior speeds if
you re not willing to wait a few weeks more for the LaCie 2Big to become
available in stores.
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