Tuesday, 16 March 2010

AirLock Locks Up Your Mac AirLock Locks Your Mac If Your iPhone Gets Too Far Away

A new app for Mac OS X lets you automatically lock and unlock your Mac
based on the distance of your iPhone. Using Bluetooth, the app judges
the distance between your Mac and iPhone, and if you get too far from
your Mac, it locks it up tight.
AirLock uses Bluetooth technology, and even displays a little real-time
radar-like screen that displays your iPhone's real distance to your Mac
(real-time being as fast and accurate as Bluetooth can do it). You can
set a range, and if
your iPhone gets too far away from your Mac, the screen locks.
This is similar to a wallet we covered at TFTS a few weeks ago that
sounds an alarm if your Bluetooth-enabled phone got too far away from
your wallet. Obvious uses for the AirLock could be a coffee shop
situation in case you wonder too far from your laptop, or possibly a
university or other public situation. The AirLock app will set you back
$8 and is now ready for your download. Screenshot is courtesy of Gizmodo.
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