Monday, 1 March 2010

Camangi WebStation Taking Pre-Orders Camangi Offering Their 7" MID Tablet, 3G connectivity, 128MB RAM

Camangi is declaring that their WebStation tablet is the world's first
Android-powered Tablet. The device, which was justย announcedย two
months ago, has had mild popularity with the tech internet crowd and
Camangi is now accepting pre-orders on the $400 tablet.
So, the CrunchPad may be dead and it might be years before the Apple
Tablet ever comes out, but the third high-profile tablet, the
Android-powered Camangi now appears to be on the fast-track to release
as the company has begun taking pre-orders for them. Camangi is founded
in 2002 and previously worked on VoIP software.
As for the WebStation itself, the tablet packs a large 7-inch screen,
with a 624MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, 256MB of flash memory,
connectivity through 3G and WiFi along with a GPS included. Customers
can get the WebStation in any color they want – as long as it's
black, white or pink.
The WebStation is shipping near the end of December (with no exact date)
and the $400 price is knocked down to $390 for pre-order customers (free
shipping included). Strangely, Camangi will only accept payment through
PayPal (for now). The WebStationย definitelyย appears to be a hot
device, keep your eyes on this one.

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