Monday, 1 March 2010

CrunchPad Is Dead After Reports To Contrary Arrington's CrunchPad Is Buried

The CrunchPad, the dreamy super-wide tablet that was supposed to come
with a fast Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, WiFi and 3G is never going to
come out, according to CrunchPad boss and superblogger Michael
Arrington. Just two weeks ago, we reported that the CrunchPad was still
coming out, but now, you can put it in the ground.
The 'death' of the CrunchPad stems from aย disagreementย that Michael Arring
ton had with the manufacturing company, Fusion Garage. According to
Arrington, the tablet was set to release on November 20th, when Fusion
Garage broke its contract with Arrington and plans to release the tablet
by itself. Arrington was informed by an e-mail that he was 'no
longerย involved' in the project. Uh, what?
What's the meaning behind this? According to Arrington, one of the
shareholders of Fusion Garage pressured the CEO (and former Arrington
best pal) Chandra Rathakrishnan that they didn't need Arrington or the
TechCrunch brand on the tablet, and to go on without it. To deepen the
plot, a mysterious third company (Arrington explains – the
company behind the CrunchPad ) were trying to buy Fusion Garage and
things weren't going well.
While the CrunchPad probably could be sold without the TechCrunch name,
Arrington tells the story that the development of the tablet was much
more than his name, as he explains that his own staff worked on the
tablet along side of the Fusion Garage team.
At any rate, it doesn't appear that the super-sized MID tablet will be
coming out, at least any time soon.
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