Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Canon Files Patent for Touchscreen DSLR Camera Touch-Friendly LCD Displays to Equip Future Canon DSLR Cameras?

The fact that most gadgets around us will get touch-friendly displays
and even more intuitive user interfaces is not a secret anymore. That s
the natural evolution of things and in a few years we ll probably be
surrounded by gadgets with digital LCD displays that can deal with our
greasy fingers.Such is the case for the camera and camcorder business.
While there aren t
that many cameras coming with touch support right now, things are about
to change in the near future. And Canon, an important name in the
business, is getting ready for that future.
The company has filed a patent for touchscreen DSLR cameras this April
and it looks like the United States Patent and Trademark Office
published it at the end of October. So in theory Canon could easily
start making touchscreen DSLR cameras in the near future.
But do professional photographers really want that? Touchscreen displays
are helpful but they can also be very annoying sometimes. Furthermore,
the implementation of such technology could prove to be expensive for
end users. DSLR cameras are expensive as it is. The first models coming
with a touchscreen panel might be even pricier than what we already have
out there.
And what happens when photographers will touch the screen when looking
through the viewfinder? Can we already envision some problems caused by
such DSLR cameras or will Canon find an elegant way to deal with any
unwanted display touching?
Well it certainly seems that Canon is expecting such problems. Therefore
the patent explains how the camera will deal with the issue. Either the
camera will detect your eye and thus it will disable parts of the
touchscreen or it will remember your dominant eye and disable the screen
every time you look through the viewfinder.
So what do you say DSLR users? Are you ready for a Canon DSLR that s
coming with touchscreen support? Will we see one next year?

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