Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Archos 1 Vision Shipping In UK Archos Releases Cheap PMP, 4GB, Only $40

Yesterday, we covered the cheap $90 Haier PMP, and now, Archos has done
one better by releasing their Archos 1 Vision PMP in the United Kingdom.
This is simply a no-frills, slimmed down personal media player, offering
none of the high-end features that add cost to the other PMPs out there.
The Archos 1 Vision will be targeted as an entry-level gadget,
obviously, and comes with a small 1.5 display, 4GB of flash memory, and
the ability to play back a few formats: MP3, WMA, LAC, WAV and APE.
Although it has a built in voice recorder, that's about as far as the
feature goes, no FM tuner, no picture viewer, no video viewer, no app
store. This gadget is no-frills, and Archos means it.
This PMP is only making anย appearanceย on the right side of the
Atlantic, for a low, low cost of pound sterling25 (about $41), which
makes it about $50 cheaper than the Haier we covered yesterday, but the
Haier had a bit more. All other sites covering the Archos 1 Vision
expect it to come to the United States, sometime in the future. For the
Brits, the Archos 1 vision is now shipping.
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