Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Unveiled Details Out on new eBook Reader, 5-inch B W LCD, 2GB

Aluratek has released details on their new eBook reader, dubbed 'Libre',
this new device comes with a 5-inch screen, but unlike almost all other
eBook Readers, the Libre doesn't have an E-Ink screen, coming instead
with a regular LCD screen. The Libre also comes with 100 open-source book
s pre-loaded on it.
Despite E-Ink's famous 'real paper' like display and it's popularity
with most other eBook readers, Aluratek has gone against the grain by
selecting a regular LCD screen. The press release quotes an Aluratek
vice president as saying: Unlike e-Ink displays which require multiple
flashes for each page advance, I believe the reflective LCD technology
the Libre offers will be a welcome change compared to other eBooks
currently on the market.
Anotherย differentiatingย feature of the Libre is that it includes a 2GB
SD card, and that card is pre-loaded with 100 of 'the most popular books
of all-time'. Although it doesn't say it, I'm almostย positiveย that
those are open-source books whose copyright has lapsed.
The Libre supports ePUB and PDF formats for reading books, but
unfortunately, only connects to a computer via USB. As for other
formats, it plays MP3s, as well as a host of other image formats. No CBR
support, though, which rules out its usefulness as a comic book reader.
The Libre will is now shipping, is available in either white or black,
and will set you back only $179, which is considerable cheaper than
other eBook Readers on the marketplace today.
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