Monday, 22 March 2010

Intel Mobile Core i3 and i5 Chips Confirmed Intel To Release New Mobile Mid-Range CPUs Next Year

Intel today confirmed in a press briefing that they will launching
mobile editions of their low- and mid-range Core i3 and Core i5
processors in the upcoming new year. The
chips will be Intel's new Arrandale design, and will also feature some
new graphicalย options.
Intel'sย integratedย graphics boards have long been standard on most
non-gaming notebooks. The on-board graphics areย notoriousย for
poorย performance, and Intel is hoping to change that. The new Core i3
and Core i5 dual-core mobile processors will have a GPU core processor.
Intel has promised that the dedicated GPU solution will be able to
provide high-end graphics for the notebooks.
While it probably won't be as good as a Radeon HD 5850, hopefully they
can provide better graphics than the current GMA on-board graphics. ย At
the press briefing, Intel showed off some low-end laptops running World
of Warcraft without issue.
The mobile Core i5 chip will also come with Intel's Turbo Boost
overclocking feature that is found on Intel's Core i5 and i7 desktop
models. The new mobile Core i3 and i5's are set to launch on January. No
pricing was announced, but you'll be more likely to buy them with a new
notebook sometime after that.
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