Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Exemode SQ28m Keychain Digital Camera Revealed Small Digital Camera Shoots Retro Low-Quality Footage

Exemode has released a new digital camera, the SQ28m is small enough to
fit on aย keychainย and shoots at low resolutions and frame rates,
however, adds a charming retro color filter that makes the film
theย appearanceย that it's 50 years old.
The Exemode SQ28m records ย at the low resolution of 320 x 240 at o
nly 8 fps, with no audio, but includes several different filters,
including one called 'noise' that replicates (almost perfectly) old 8mm
home movies from the 1950's. It's pretty cool, and seems to be a main
selling point of the cameras as the Exemode website mentions the 'retro
8mm'ย appearanceย of the film footage everywhere.
The SD28 has built in 64MB of memory (which probably isn't very much
video, even at 320 x 240) but an microSD slot allows you expand that. If
you want to use the SQ28m as a still camera, it functions as a 2.7
megapixel camera, but with no flash. The SQ28m will cost you ยฅ5,985
($65). It probably can't beat a mobile phone for digital pictures on the
go, but the 8mm retro film look is pretty neat.
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