Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Vodafone HTC HD2 To Be Discontinued for 'General' Customers Vodafone Confirm HTC HD2 to be Offered to Business Users Only – Speculation Hints at Possible Apple Influence

Having initially reported back at the beginning of November as to the
availability of the much praised HTC HD2 smartphone on the UK s Vodafone
network its now been confirmed, by Vodafone themselves, that the HTC HD2
will no longer be offered to �general customers once its current stock
of the HD2 runs out (though, oddly, it will continue to be offered to
business users).
Although we understand our consumer customers will be disappointed,
we're confident the range of handsets we have in the pipeline will offer
more than enough options to pick up a great handset, an unnamed
Vodafone spokesman said, confirming that Vodafone are to drop the HTC
HD2 for all but business customers, stating We see the HTC HD2 as a
strong business users' handset, so that's why we'll be keeping it in range.
This fascinating and somewhat curious move by Vodafone has led to
considerable speculation that Apple may have employed strong arm tactics
what with Vodafone set to offer the iPhone in 2010 as, if anything,
reaction to the HTC HD2 has been enormously favourable from both
customers and industry pundits alike " to the point where its been
heralded as a genuine �iPhone beater (not that any smartphone doesn t
seem to be these days, but few would argue that the HTC HD2 certainly
serves as strong competition to the iPhone and is way up there in terms
of desirability).
What makes Vodafone s shock announcement particularly perplexing,
however, is that both O2 and T-Mobile are to continue to sell the HTC
HD2 to general customers (and its not as if O2 are unfamiliar with the
iPhone, though they have of course recently lost iPhone exclusivity in
the UK).
Are Apple behind Vodafone s decision to drop the HTC HD2 for general
customers? Vodafone certainly aren t offering any official reason for
dropping the HD2 for general customers whilst still keeping it available
for business customers and, unsurprisingly, many have been quick to
point the finger at a possible Apple influence in what is otherwise a
seemingly absurd move from Vodafone.
So, if you re looking to get your hands on a HTC HD2 in the UK you can
cross Vodafone off your list, officially.
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