Thursday, 4 February 2010

Stolen Belgian iPhones Turn Up in Russia Unlocked iPhones Available for Sale in Russian Electronics Stores?

Earlier this month some smart thieves managed to get their hands on
3,000 to 4,000 unlocked iPhones from a Belgian store. You might ask what
s so special about Belgian phones for robbers to steal that many units.
Well in case you didn t know it already, Belgian iPhones are required by
law to be unlocked before customers get their hands on them.
Getting back to those thieves, what they did was to cut a hole in the
roof of an electronics warehouse and steal those unlocked handsets
mentioned above which happen to be worth around 3 million Euro. The only
problem for the thieves was that the stolen iPhones have been blocked
which means they can t be used by any Belgian customers.
But let s not forget that the stolen iPhones are all unlocked which
means they can be easily used anywhere else in the world. The thieves
are certainly aware of that and who knows where all those iPhones ended
up. Some said eBay is a logical place to sell them especially since the
auction site is quite popular in various countries around the world. But
that hasn t been proved so far. In fact the stolen iPhones haven t been
spotted until recently. And guess where that happened?
Russia is the correct answer. Although no iPhone has been recovered so
far and the thieves are still at large, reports came in that various
electronic retailers have received calls from unknown people offering
them unlocked iPhones for bargain prices.
Rumor has it that the Interpol is already on the case in which case the
IMEIs of the iPhones could be disabled in the near future. That means
those phones won t be usable in Russia anymore. In case you re reading
this from Russia and you suspect that your phone is one of those stolen
Belgian iPhones then you can simply check it out. Go to the Settings
section of the phone and look for the Model number. In case the last two
symbols are NF then you re in possession of a stolen Mobistar phone.
Naturally you ll have to try to replace / return / report the phone once
you discover those symbols. You wouldn t want to have your iPhone
deactivated for good, would you?
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