Thursday, 4 February 2010

TomTom XXL 540S World Traveler Edition Unveiled 5" XXL 540S World Traveler GPS Navigator Brings US, Canada & Europe Maps

TomTom is known for being one of the world's leading providers of
navigation solutions and digital maps. Today the company has announced a
new World Traveler Edition of their TomTom XXL line of GPS Navigators.
It will pack the latest maps from US, Canada and Europe which will allow
for optimal routing and will make sure you don't get lost, while out in
the wild.
Large screens have been a trademark of the XXL GPS navigators and the
TomTom XXL 540S World Traveler Edition is no exception, by packing an
extra-large 5-inch screen. It uses TomTom's proprietary IQ Routing
technology, which helps the users to pick out the smartest and most
efficient routes no matter wherever you are. This technology considers
factors such as historical speed measurements for every time of the day
and for every road segment from large highways to small local roads
— finding the fastest routes and thus helping you save on travel
time, money and fuel.
TomTom has also incorporated their Map Share technology which allows
drivers to instantly modify street names, street direction, points of
interest and more on your XXL 540S (or benefit from other's
corrections). The device itself includes over 7 million points of
interest, has the Help Me! menu for you to easily access local
emergency service providers such as police, fire stations and hospitals.
The new TomTom XXL 540S World Traveler Edition is expected to be
released early next month in US Canada for some US$350.
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