Thursday, 4 February 2010

Samsung Go Gets Bundled with Times Reader 2.0 New York Times Offers $100 Off a Samsung Go Netbook with Times Reader 2.0 Subscription

If you re a faithful New York Times reader then you might be interested
in the latest offer coming from the giant news paper. The New York Time
has officially announced a �special Times Reader offer with Samsung Go
netbook. �
In other words once you sign up for a new one-year Times Reader 2.0
subscription from the NYT you will receive a $100 discount for a Samsung
Go netbook. The price of the 1-year subscription for the Times Reader
2.0 is $179.40 which means you d actually be paying $79.40 on top of the
regular price for the Samsung Go.
Yasmin Namini, senior vice president, marketing and circulation for the
New York Times had this to say about the bundle:
Times Reader is an exceptional way for a growing segment of our audience
to read The New York Times. Offering Times Reader with the Samsung Go
makes it possible to enjoy our next generation news reader application
on a sleek, premium netbook. This is a great value for consumers,
especially with the holiday season approaching.
The Samsung Go Special Edition will come with Times Reader 2.0
pre-installed which will help you follow your favorite NYT readers. The
special edition Go netbook will be available exclusively from J R Music
and Computer World and the offer is available through March 2010 so you
don t have to decide right away about getting one.
And here are some of the �key features � of the Times Reader 2.0:
Parallels printed news with columns of high-quality text, combined with
the dynamic flexibility of the Web, including search, links and
up-to-the minute headlines.
Downloads the Latest News section every five minutes from
Users can customize how often the Latest News is updated.
Online/offline reading capabilities, allowing readers to sync content
via internet connection and then read 7 days worth of content offline.
Integrates interactive version of The New York Times premium crossword
Will you take advantage of New York Times special offer?
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