Thursday, 4 February 2010

Inbrics Android MID Announced Inbrics Premieres Its Own Android MID with AMOLED touchscreen, GPS, WiFi & 800MHz CPU

Inbrics, a little known Korean VoIP company, has hit the web with a
splash today as a positive and uplifting video of its attempt at the
Android MID begun circling around the net tech crowd.
Information is scare on details, and few outside of Korea have heard of
Inbrics (Google 'Inbrics' and find that most of their top results are
related to thisย announcement), but they're a VOIP company who has had
reportedly considerable success in this market.
Their video is pretty well polished, but you really don't learn much
about the phone when it's all said and done, aside from a few good looks
at it. Inbrics has promised that more information will be revealed at
the 2010 CES, which will happen this upcoming January.ย The tech specs
were released and are as follows: an AMOLED touchscreen, GPS, WiFi and a
800MHz CPU
Many in the internet tech crowd consider Android to be an ideal OS for a
MID, and a few MIDs running Android have beenย announced, most notably
by PC manufacturing giant Dell, which we reported on last month.
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