Monday, 8 February 2010

Samsung Giorgio Armani Announce Windows Mobile Smartphone 3.5-IN AMOLED Touchscreen, QWERTY Keyboard, 5MP Camera Windows Mobile 6.5

A Giorgio Armani phone might not make it to your must-have gadget list
for this year. Made by Samsung and running Windows Mobile 6.5 this
Giorgio Armani is actually quite an interesting smartphone. The less
interesting part is, as you can imagine, the price.
This Giorgio Armani phone has been announced today in Milan and it will
cost you โ�EUR700 or about $1,032 which is a bit too much for a
smartphone these days. Sure it s a stylish Giorgio Armani-branded phone
but that s not enough for me to purchase it. The Samsung phone is
definitely worth inspecting. Its specs make it a dependable gadget ready
to help you make calls, send a tone of messages and emails, watch
videos, listen to your favorite tracks and run various Windows Mobile
6.5 apps from the newly launched Marketplace. But there are other
cheaper handsets capable of doing all that and even more!
What s so special about this phone in order for it to cost that much?
The handset comes in bronze and black colors but it doesn t carry any
fancy items like embedded diamonds or gold logos. Looking at the Samsung
Giorgio Armani phone you will remember Nokia s N97 as this handset
combines both a generous 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and a
slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. The phone also boasts a 5-megpixel
camera, 8GB of internal storage, GPS, microSD support and Windows Mobile
6.5 will be running conveniently in the background.
Neither Samsung nor Microsoft mentioned when this Giorgio Armani will be
available and there doesn t seem to be any carrier interested at this
point in subsidizing the phone. If you re fine with the price you ll
have to get the phone straight from Samsung once the manufacturer makes
it available.
We would certainly love to see Samsung launch a version of this phone
for the masses. You know, one that doesn t have the same Giorgio Armani
brand. Otherwise we ll simply have to revert to cheaper, but equally
capable solutions like the N97 or the HTC Touch Pro2 also known as the
Tilt 2 in certain markets.
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