Monday, 8 February 2010

Brando Debuts a Wireless Encryption Mouse Brando 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Brings Folder Encryption

Renowned for their interesting USB peripherals, the folks from Brando
never cease to amaze us. This time they've done it again with a stylish
Wireless Encryption Mouse that keeps away from the standard 2.4GHz
wireless devices we've been used with so far. And we're talking about a
mouse that comes with an innovative technology that not only promises to
protect your confidential data on a PC or laptop, but actually gets the
job done.
Especially meant for those who carry sensitive information on their
computers, Brando's wireless mouse comes together with an USB dongle
that connect to your computer. When the two devices communicate, your
folders are getting decrypted, otherwise you may rest assured that your
data is encrypted and no one gets access to it.
That means, or at least Brando thinks so, that in case of a notebook
theft you're all covered.
Brando's Wireless Encryption Mouse comes with a battery status
indicator, tracks up to 1600 dpi, has up to 10 meters of wireless range,
measures 102 x 65 x 35mm and should be available in either green,
yellow, red or white. Not sure about you, but for $22 that's certainly a
good mouse. No?
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