Monday, 8 February 2010

Nissan Land Glider Concept Car It Looks Like it Leans Because It Does

Now let me make things perfectly clear for you folks! I have not altered
the image here in any way. The car in the picture is a Nissan Land
Glider and it looks like it s leaning towards its right hand side
because it really does do that.
The car is supposed to be a Zero Emissions concept car that seems to
want to act similarly to the Segway. The Land Glider is an electric car
which could save you a lot of precious cash on gas if it will ever go
into mass production. That doesn t explain the leaning does it? Well
inside the Glider there s this little thing, which we ll refer to as a
computer, capable of leaning the car into the turns. That means the
driver is not the only one in control as he s taking advantage of a
sophisticated controlled steering system.
Leaving jokes aside, this leaning system could prove to be very
efficient not to mention that it makes taking curves a lot safer. And
the Land Glider has more tricks for you. Step inside it and you will
notice how there s only one seat available. This is a one-man car and
there s no room for passengers. It s more like a covered smart ATV with
Segway-like abilities. The wheel has been replaced by a flight yoke
while the rear view mirrors have been replaced by cameras and monitors.
As you can see there s quite a lot of technology involved in this Land
Glider Concept so we can t remain indifferent to it!
The car will be powered by an all electric motor which will feed itself
from a battery similar to the one found in the Leaf, a more famous
Nissan electric car. The Land Glider will be available together with the
Leaf at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show so if you happen to be in Tokyo from
October 24 to November 4, make sure you check it out.
There are no details at this point about the future of this tiny Land
Glider but we ll keeping an eye on its development. Although it looks,
and probably feels, strange, the car could be a smart solution for
driving in these crowded cities so don t act surprised when other car
makers will roll out similar concepts!
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