Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rumor: New PS3 Firmware Update to Bring Facebook Integration? Manage Your Facebook from Your PS3, Change Gamer Card Colors & New Photo Organization

It looks like the old saying no day without some PS3 news confirms.
After hearing yesterday that the Netflix streaming is official, today we
laid our eyes on a set of screenshots that hint to some sort of Facebook
integration that would allow you to manage your account straight from
your console.
Available on Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's website, the extremely
low resolution screenshots brought hope that an upcoming PS3 firmware
update would allow you to interact with friends or play on Facebook. On
top of that it looks like we'll be able to change gamer card colors
and there's a new method for photo organization with thumbnails and a
grid layout.
Although the images are no longer available on the company's official
website (it's understandable), we can only hope that there are higher
than average chances for these rumors to actually confirm, which would
be totally-uber-super-mega cool. Don't you think?
Contacted by the folks from Joystiq, Sony has said that they don't
comment on rumor or speculation.
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