Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sanyo Eneloop Stick Booster Brings Energy to Mobile Gadgets USB Dongle to Power Mobile Phones, MP3 Players More Portable Devices

Sanyo announced a brand new power source crafted especially for our
mobile needs. The Eneloop Stick Booster is a device that can be used to
charge most mobile gadgets like cell phones, MP3 players and others. As
you can see the stick booster is pretty portable and it can be taken
almost anywhere as it is ready to offer that extra energy boost your
gadgets require.
The Eneloop Stick Booster will charge all your devices that can sport an
USB connection. The charger has an aluminum body, a diameter of less
than 2 cm and it weighs only 76g with batteries installed. Yes, the
stick has batteries inside. These are eneloop batteries that can be
recharged about 1,500 times and they are capable of charging various
mobile devices �more easily than dry cells as they deliver a steady
high current. �
The Eneloop Stick Booster can charge various mobile phones, portable
game units, personal audio devices, PMPs, and yes, it can recharge the
iPhone too. The Eneloop can add about up to 90 minutes of extra life to
your favorite gadgets and you should remember to always pack it with you
when you re travelling.
The stick will be available on December 1 in Japan and the package will
contain two AA eneloop batteries which can be replaced by any other
regular rechargeable batteries. In fact, if you want to offer more than
90 minutes of life to your mobile phone, you can always pack more
batteries. There s no price available for the Eneloop Stick Charger yet
and we don t know what other markets are going to get this Sanyo product
at this point.
Since we re speaking of the Eneloop brand you ll have to know that Sanyo
has quite a few other products that can help you get the power you need.
Gadgets like the Eneloop Solar Charger, the Eneloop Solar Light or the
Eneloop Portable Solar power generator are also available to suit your
energy needs and Sanyo is probably working on more Eneloop devices as we
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