Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nintendo DSi to Get Tegra 2 NVIDIA Processors Nintendo DSi With Faster Internet & Better Graphics That Match the iPod & the iPhone

When it comes to getting the web on your DSi, any early adopter can tell
you that it is sluggish at best. Sure, the photo integration with
Facebook is a lot of fun, but basic tasks like checking your Gmail
account can often fail because the processor is just too slow to handle
anything serious. Don't even try to watch a You Tube video, like you can
on your iPod. Well, at least don't try until the new Nintendo DSi is
being upgraded with NVIDIA's new Tegra 2 processors.
While this is still mostly a rumor, it has been hinted at by several
sources inside Nintendo that the DSi's processing speeds and graphics
handling capabilities are going to match the iPod Touch and the iPhone.
The rumored processor would be based on the newer ARM11 architecture,
instead of the currently used ARM7 standard. As for the graphics, word
is that it will run on the GeForce 5000 series chipset but with a
manufacturing process similar to the GeForce 300 series, which leads to
a much lower power consumption — a blessing to anyone who has
spent a great deal of time with a mobile device.
Sure, it won't be on store shelves for a while, and Japan will get it
first, but once it does hit our side of the Pacific, it could
significantly decrease the sales of the iPod Touch. Now, it just needs
some cell phone service.
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