Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Nintendo DSi Studio Kit from Thrustmaster DSI Studio Kit Promises to Make the Most of Your DSi's Digital Camera: Offers Macro & Wide Angle lenses, Flash

Having just splashed out a fair whack of money to get my hands on Canon
s new (and shockingly impressive, I might add) EOS 7D I now feel
somewhat stupid as, for a faction of the cost I could have opted for
this DSi Studio Kit from Thrustmater that comes not only with a macro
and a wide angle lens, but also a removable flash and no less than 6
color lenses. Well, how stupid do I feel?
Okay, so not stupid at all (well, not concerning this anyhow). But let s
not pretend that this kit is aimed at anyone other than children who
would like to dabble a little more with the DSi s integrated camera
which, in turn, could see then gain an interest in photography and
getting creative in general " and that s a good thing, right? Of course
it is.
Thrustmaster Studio Kit for DSi Contents:
Removable flash: shoot great pictures, even in low-light conditions!
Macro lens: observe the infinitely small
Wide-angle lens: get the big picture
Metallised-coloured bag for carrying your lenses safely and easily
6 colours lenses: can be combined with the wide-angle and macro lenses
if required " add a touch of colour to your world!
Tele lens: move things closer!
Metallised holder " attach your lenses safely and protect your console
The Thrustmaster Studio Kit for DSi, which comes with no less than 12
separate items, is sure to make it into a good few Christmas stockings
this year (the packaging indicating that its aimed specifically at
younger girls) and is set to become available round about now.
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