Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Microsoft Project Natal Release Date Leaked? MS Project Natal for Xbox 360 Set to Hit November 2010

Few, if any, Xbox owners will not be aware of Mircosoft s Project Natal
motion capture accessory for the X360 since it was initially previewed
at E3 and now, according to an apparent leak, it would seem that we have
a release date concerning when Project Natal is set to hit the shelves.
According to a leak reported by MCV, credited below, Microsoft s Project
Natal is scheduled to hit retail from November 2010 with an initial
production run of some 5 million units " comprising of both console and
camera – apparently being set to hit the shelves on its date of
release (Microsoft, understandably, obviously expect demand to be
especially high) whilst, if you already own an Xbox 360 and are just
looking to avail yourself of the device itself, rumours suggest that the
camera unit will come in at anything between $80 – $130 (circa
pound sterling50 – pound sterling80).
For those yet to be acquainted with what Microsoft s Project Natal
offers, you ve looking in essence at being able to employ your body
movements n actual on screen game play (without the need of a hand
controller) whilst you can also factor in facial recognition, texture
mapping and scanning and, of course, video calling.
You can find out more concerning Project Natal via Microsoft s official
Project Natal webpage which also gives you the option of dropping your
email for updates, should you wish.
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