Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Samsung bada Smartphone Gets Leaked bada Phone to be Available in December?

Just yesterday we told you about bada which happens to be Samsung s own
open mobile platform. The new OS is supposed to be unveiled at a special
event in London next month and that s when the bada SDK is also supposed
to be made available to developers. Naturally we assume that Samsung
will take this opportunity to show everyone how the first bada phone in
the world will look like.
In fact it looks like the first Samsung bada phone has already leaked
and the blogs are starting to pay attention to it already. The phone in
the picture above is the device in question. I guess you already expect
it to be a touchscreen device and from the looks of it that s what we re
getting. No exact specifics have been provided so far but since we do
have an idea on how Samsung builds its phones we can start speculating
on these features.
Samsung will probably include a 3.5- to 4.0-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 3G
via UMTS/HSPA support, WiFi, at least a 5-megapixel camera, microSD
support, Bluetooth and a TouchWiz-like friendly user interface. Does
that sound familiar to you? Well it should since Samsung s Omnia II
sports about the same features. Considering that Samsung plans to
impress everyone we assume that the first bada phone will be at least as
good as the Omnia II if not better. The phone has to catch on quick in a
world that s still dominated by the iPhone. The Droid is a also a worthy
adversary and there are plenty of HTC and RIM phones waiting for you in
the shadow of those two smartphones.
So the bada phone will simply have to sweep us off our feet. This is the
first leaked photo of the bada phone but there s plenty of time until
December for Samsung to leak more details about this unnamed bada
project. After all that s how you build buzz around any product. Apple
did it with its iPhones and so did Motorola with the Droid. Leaked
pictures and specs revealed ahead of time are the way to go if you want
to grab the public s attention.
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