Tuesday, 23 February 2010

iPetals iPhone Charger Uses Solar Power for Energy iPetals Device Doubles as an iPhone Dock

Have you ever needed a quick charge for your iPhone while you were
nowhere near an outlet? For example, when you are in the middle of an
interstate drive? If so, then iPetals will be your next handy tool. A
new device designed for the green minded, the iPetals allows you to
charge your iPhone on the go. All it needs is sun, so imagine all that
free power, in a device small enough to slip into your purse.
Designer Mac Funamizu made the device hinged so that it could have dual
functionality. When you have the petals open it acts as a solar power
collector, if you close them up, it acts as a dock for your iPhone,
holding it safely on it's side. The dock weighs in at less than a pound,
so you should be able to take it with you without causing any shoulder
iPetals also works with the iPod Touch devices, which means that even if
you do not have an iPhone, this can still be a great holiday gift idea.
Go ahead and charge your phone on your dashboard, just keep one hand on
it if you make any sharp turns. That way your iPhone does not become
road kill.
Just remember that it's a folding mobile device, so don't leave it in
your suitcase at an airport. Customs will want to see that one.
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