Tuesday, 23 February 2010

CrunchPad Not Dead Yet CrunchPad Still Expected, Set to Retail from $300-$400 on Release

Since we did show you the Courier in detail already and we keep talking
about Apple s tablet, we should definitely check on the CrunchPad from
time to time. After all we can t disregard the device when talking about
ultra-portable tablets capable of doing marvelous things.
I ll start everything off with a question that keeps popping up in my
mind. When does it come out already? We ve been waiting for the
CrunchPad to arrive for a while now especially since it s not coming
from regular computer makers. It s not an Apple creation, and it hasn t
been conceived by Microsoft either. The CrunchPad is a project of
TechCrunch s guru Michael Arrington and it is meant to be a device that
would help you easily browse the Internet, in a more than comfortable
Shouldn t the CrunchPad have been available in stores already? The
tablet hasn t come out yet but it s definitely not dead as various
people suggested lately. Sure Apple s and Microsoft s future tablets are
closing in very fast but competition is definitely something we love to
see, especially at this level.
According to Arrington, the CrunchPad will cost somewhere between $300
to $400 and the cost is coming down. Last time we checked it was
supposed to be a lot cheaper. And it looks like there s also going to be
some advertising involved which means that not only is the pad more
expensive but it s also ad-supported now. Will you buy one just for the
heck of it? Or is the price too steep for you already? We don t have
clear indications regarding its specs and we have no idea if it will
help you do anything else besides surfing the web.
And while we do know that it s coming, we have no idea when the product
will be officially announced. We d better see it in action before Apple
and Microsoft launch their tablets otherwise we might not pay much
attention to it after we see the those gadgets in action.
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