Thursday, 25 February 2010

AT&T Ad Campaign Takes on Verizon Doesn't Do Much Against Big Red, Brags About EDGE?

Remember those Verizon ads mocking AT T's 3G coverage and Apple's
iPhone? Well it looks like AT T is not sitting back accepting all these
things, they have sued Big Red and have started a campaign against the
CDMA carrier by bragging about their EDGE capabilities stating that
With both 3G and EDGE coverage, customers can access the Internet, send
e-mail, surf the Web, stream music, download videos, send photos, text,
talk and more. The only difference " with some data applications, 3G is
faster than EDGE.
The bad thing however is that more and more iPhone users have complained
that even though AT T reaches 303 million people or 97% of the U.S.
population, it has become a habit for 3G to drop to EDGE or even GPRS
somewhere in New York, Chicago and San Francisco — proving how
reliable AT T's network is.
As the U.S. market leader in wireless data service, we typically don't
respond to competitors' advertising. However, some recent ads from
Verizon are so blatantly false and misleading, that we want to set the
record straight about AT T's wireless data coverage.
On top of these all, AT T also wants to make sure you know that unlike
Verizon, they offer the most popular smartphones in the industry. How
about Motorola Droid on AT T guys? Is that a possibility?
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