Thursday, 25 February 2010

100,000 Motorola Droid Smartphones Sold in First Weekend Motorola to Sell 1 Million Android Handsets in Q4 2009?

It s not officially official yet but it looks like Motorola and Verizon
Wireless sold about100,000 Droid phones in their opening weekend. The
number is certainly impressive and it looks like all that marketing
effort paid off. People hurried to Verizon stores to grab the hottest
Android available to date.
Verizon Wireless had 200,000 Droid units on hand and reports are saying
that most stores have sold half their stock in the first three days. The
launch of the Droid is definitely a success although it s not comparable
to the iPhone 3GS performance. AT T sold around 1 million iPhones in
the first weekend earlier this year. But the iPhone 3GS is the third
iPhone version Apple has launched and Cupertino had already established
itself as a dependable cell phone maker in the years before.
Motorola on the other hand has been slowly drowning and Android was
exactly what the company needed in order to reclaim its spot in the
mobile business. Motorola put some serious effort into marketing the
Droid and together with Verizion Wireless managed to build up
expectation. The public has been more and more interested in the Droid
and we re probably going to see more and more customers purchasing the
Droid in the following weeks.
Analysts predict that Motorola will sell 1 million Android phones by the
end of the year and around 10 million Android handsets in 2010. Most of
the phones sold in Q4 2009 are probably going to be Droids or
Milestones, although Motorola has also launched the Cliq in October. On
comparison Apple will sell around 8 million iPhones this quarter while
next year Cupertino will sell around 28.5 phones.
The numbers are impressive and the future looks good for Motorola. Sure
the Droid will never sell in as many units as the iPhone did already.
Not because it s not as good, or even better than the iPhone, but
because Motorola will launch other Android phones next year. I
personally hope that those phones will surpass the Droid in features and
specs and I imagine that Verizon will continue its Android series with a
Droid 2 from Motorola at some point in 2010.
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