Thursday, 28 January 2010

TwitterPeek Handset Launched Worldโ€ s First Dedicated Twitter Device With 2.5 inch QVGA & Full QWERTY Keyboard

Folks from Peek Inc, a mobile device company headquartered in New York,
have come up with the world s first dedicated Twitter device. Seeing the
potential behind one of the most hyped social networks today, the
company have released TwitterPeek, a device that allows you to read and
write tweets on the go, replies and retweets, sends direct messages and
download followers directly from your account.
The TwitterPeek is a simple device that only works on Twitter. It comes
packed with a 2.5 inch QVGA landscape display, has a full QWERTY
keyboard to type from, a trackwheel on the side for navigation and a
battery that should last up to three days.
Designed for those users that don't own a web-enabled mobile phone to
play with, the TwitterPeek will cost you $99 to buy it and an additional
$8 monthly for the standalone Twitter access. Of course if you have some
green on hand then there's the $200 version that won't charge any
monthly fees to access your account.
TwitterPeek will make it easy and affordable for everyone who doesn t
have a smartphone to really enjoy Twitter on-the-go, � said Peek chief
Amol Sarva wrote in a statement. �Newbies will finally �get Twitter
once they have TwitterPeek in hand. Even businesses that Twitter will
dig TwitterPeek as a convenient way to stay connected with their
customers. �
Of course the chance for the TwitterPeek to actually make it big are
rather low, and that has nothing to do with aesthetics, but I'm pretty
sure we won't be getting around with individual gizmos for every single
service we need. No?
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