Thursday, 28 January 2010

Google Promotes the Motorola Droid on Homepage Unique Ad for the Droid Delivered Under the Search Box

Did you happen to go to Google s homepage today with the clear intention
of doing some ordinary googling? Did you notice anything in particular
on the page? Anything at all? Sure in order to spot the changes you
should be surfing the web from the USA in the first place. Once that
condition is met you will definitely notice something out of the ordinary.
Google has decided to promote the Motorola Droid in a very unique
manner. Right under the search box on the home page a simple line of
text reads: �New! The Droid in on sale now. Learn more. � Supervising
everything out there are Bert and Ernie which happen to be featured on
the Google search page as the Sesame Street gang has turned 40 already.
The Droid is not the first Android phone out there. In fact we ve seen
quite a few of them in the past and more are following in the near
future. So why does the Droid deserve that particular spot on a page
that almost nobody can reach? Sure the first ever Android phone, the G1,
was also featured right under the box about a year ago when T-Mobile
unveiled it. But other Android phones didn t get the same treatment.
Google clearly sends the message that the Droid is special and should
definitely be considered by anyone looking for a new phone right now. It
s a top of the line Motorola phone with high-end specs and features
capable of matching the iPhone at any time. Furthermore the phone comes
with Android 2.0, an OS version that s not available to other phones
right now. The Droid stands out from the crowd and Google is making sure
that you won t miss it.
Following the ad under the box you ll be directed to a Google landing
page which briefly describes the Droid. After that you will be pointed
to the official Verizon store where you will be able to finally buy your
What do you have to say? Have you purchased a Droid smartphone today?
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