Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Motorola MILESTONE Becomes Official in Europe GSM Version of Moto DROID Becomes Available Outside the US, Vodafone Ready to Sell It

Unless you've been living under a rock you should know that the new
Motorola Droid has been officially announced last week, with a Verizon
debut on November 6th. What you may not know (and the Europeans will
love it) is that the smartphone has been renamed as Motorola Milestone
and that it's going to be released on the old continent sooner than
If previously announced for a debut on O2 in Germany, the new MILESTONE
has gone official on the Motorola Germany website, and what's
interesting is that another German carrier, Vodafone, seems to be ready
to take the phone out — probably with the same release date on
November 9th.
Much like it's Verizon sibling, the new Motorola MILESTONE brings
900/2100 UMTS/WCDMA support and quadband GSM, adds pinch-zoom
multitouch, loses the Google Maps Navigation for turn-by-turn directions
(Beta for US only) but adds MOTONAVE for a trial of easy search, lane
guidance, mapping and points-of-interest. Other than that the hardware
specifications are identical except for the QWERTZ keyboard, specific
for the market.
Hailed as a coming soon mobile on Vodafone Germany, what we know so
far is that Motorola MILESTONE will be priced close to 400 Euros (which
is some $600 at today's rate) on O2. Might as well be sold for that much
in other European countries, too, but we have to assume that's a carrier
decision to make.
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