Wednesday, 27 January 2010

HTC HD2 Confirmed for the US In Early 2010 HTC HD2 Ready to Ship in Europe and Asia

The HTC HD2 is undoubtedly the best Windows Phone announced so far. It s
not enough to make Windows Mobile 6.5 popular but the handset is
definitely worth buying. And HTC decided to officially confirm today
that the phone is on its way to U.S. customers. But the HD2 is taking
the longer route as it will hit American consumers only in early 2010 as
previously speculated.
In the mean time the phone is ready to ship in various European and
Asian markets but you already knew that didn t you? What s a little more
exciting is that HTC and Microsoft have announced together that the HD2
will be available in the United States with a �major U.S. carrier in
early 2010. � Steve Ballmer, Microsoft s CEO, had this to say about the
Working with HTC, we've delivered great phones that help customers
connect to the people and information they care about, wherever they
are. The HTC HD2 shows what's possible through our close partnership
with HTC and it breaks new ground for Windows phones by delivering a
beautiful multi-touch screen that people will love.
The phone is truly remarkable and it could be an even more reliable
phone once Windows Mobile 7 becomes official. HTC s official press
releases focuses on a few key factors of the phone like the impressive
4.3-inch capacitive touchscrcreen, the 1GHz Snapdragon processor from
Qualcomm, the multitouch support, the 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, the
5-megapixel camera and the HTC Sense user interface ported to this
Windows Mobile phone. But we have already covered those in detail, didn
t we?
The handset comes with a bunch of neat features that are supposed to
help you stay connected with your friends and family easier and a lot
faster. The HD2 keeps tabs of all your conversations with every single
person in your contacts list. Calls, SMS messages, Facebook updates and
emails are available in a single snapshot for every different person,
which takes communication to the next level. HTC has also introduced a
new Twitter client, HTC Peep, which you ll be able to test extensively
as soon as you buy the phone.
The Windows Marketplace for Mobile is also mentioned. Microsoft s App
Store is still young, but you should find plenty of useful apps inside
already if you re not completely happy with all the apps and features of
the HD2.
So what do you say folks, HTC HD2 or Motorola Droid?
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