Wednesday, 27 January 2010

AT T Fights Against Verizon Over Commercial AT T Sues Verizon for โ€ Thereโ€ s a Map for Thatโ€ Campaign

You must remember that funny commercial started by Verizon a while ago.
Entitled �There s a map for that � the ad was basically making fun both
of AT T s 3G coverage and of the whole �There s an app for that �
iPhone campaign . We re not taking any sides here, but the video was
pretty funny. I m saying that we re not taking any sides as AT T has
sued Verizon Wireless because of this particular advertising campaign.
That was probably the natural course of events and I think that the
creators of the ad should have expected AT T to fight back. AT T alleges
that Verizon is doing some false advertising there. Here s what appears
to be the main concern for AT T:
In essence, we believe the ads mislead consumers into believing that AT
T doesn't offer ANY wireless service in the vast majority of the
country. In fact, AT T's wireless network blankets the US, reaching
approximately 296M people. Additionally, our 3G service is available in
over 9,600 cities and towns. Verizon's misleading advertising tactics
appear to be a response to AT T's strong leadership in smartphones. We
have twice the number of smartphone customers… and we've beaten
them two quarters in a row on net post-paid subscribers. We also had
lower churn — a sign that customers are quite happy with the
service they receive.
Those are some valid points which can t be argued. But did you really
think, as a consumer, that AT T doesn t offer any services in the most
part of the USA after seeing the ad? Sure Verizon did a poor job
explaining it was talking about 3G coverage but still, the question
stands. AT T is the second largest carrier in the USA. Could anyone
really believe that AT T has no service in most areas?
We ll follow this trial from the sidelines as a confrontation between AT
T and Verizon should always be treated with as much attention as
possible. The two giants are fighting for the number one spot in the
wireless business and there s a lot at stake in the game.
So did Apple decide to switch to Verizon after seeing the 3G maps in the
advertisement? Leaving jokes aside, consumers have complained more than
once about AT T s 3G service. On the other hand rumors say that Apple
and Verizon will launch an iPhone at some point in the future. These are
some facts worth considering when looking for the bigger picture. What
do you think will happen next?
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