Friday, 29 January 2010

LG GD510 POP UK Availability Announced Stylish GD510 POP Mobile Debuts in the UK, Cheap But Lacks 3G & Wi-Fi

Last month we stumbled upon LG's new GD520 POP touchscreen smartphone
that was supposed to be released in Europe mid-October and for US
customers by the end of October. However, things didn't go as planned
and the LG GD510 POP took a few extra weeks before it finally made its
debut in the UK, today, for a non-contract pre-pay plan that will cost
pound sterling99.95 (some $165 at today's rate).
Meant as the smallest handset of its type to feature such a large 3-inch
touchscreen display, the new LG GD510 POP won't pack 3G or Wi-Fi inside
the stylish brushed-aluminum case, but will try to charm with a
virtually frameless design with a narrow bezel of only 4.8mm, Bluetooth
connectivity and an optional solar panel back-plate that will sport 2.15
more minutes of talktime for every 10 minutes of sunlight.
We're not sure who exactly will sell the LG GD510 POP in the UK but if
you buy one, give us a buzz for a quick review.
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