Friday, 29 January 2010

Raptor M3x Gaming Mouse Announced M3X Customizable Mouse With 400 - 4800 dpi range & Weight Adjustment System

With the newest Grand Theft Auto V just around the corner and ATI's 5700
series graphics card to deliver crystal clear renderings for some of the
most demanding games out there, it's only natural that you've been
looking for a little rodent to get the job done for you. So how about
you check out the recently released Raptor M3x gaming mouse before
actually getting worried.
A gaming mouse with a soft-touch surface, the new Raptor M3x proves
innovative by featuring a laser senor with 400 to 4800 dpi range and a
built-in weight adjustment mechanism that allows you to customize it. On
top of that, the Raptor Gaming team has added a 2 meter USB cable and a
gold USB plug along with 7 other mouse buttons that you can assign for
whatever needs you may have, while playing.
Not much else are known for now, except for the fact that the new Raptor
M3x Gaming Mouse is slated for a release in Europe late this month with
a price tag of 70 Euro (some $105 at today's rate).
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