Friday, 29 January 2010

DocuPen X-Series Scanner Specs Features Revealed OLED Display, 64MB of Storage, USB Connectivity Bluetooth; Pricing Starts at $369.99

I often find myself in need of a scanner and most of the time I don t
have one around as I am on the move. That s why the DocuPen X-series
portable scanners from PlanOn sound very interesting, particularly if
you deal with a lot of paperwork every day.
So what s a DocuPen you ask? It s obviously a portable scanner that can
be very useful while you re on the go. The device comes with proper
software which will let you organize your scans and send them to where
they need to be. The DocuPen X Series will let you choose from three
different versions, the X05, the X10 and the X50.
The main features of any DocuPen scanner are a 200MHz processor, and
OLED screen, 64MB of SD RAM upgradeable via microSD card up to 2GB,
Bluetooth and USB connectivity. You ll be able to choose from three scan
modes: 24bit color, grayscale and mono and the scanners offer a maximum
scan resolution of 600dpi thanks to Planon t Cyrstal Line Contact
The DocuPen will let you scan in an instant contracts, receipts,
invoices, pictures, and basically anything else you need to have scanned
around you. The device weighs only 60 grams and it s as big as a regular
sheet of paper. When scanning is complete you ll be able to send the
files to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth and you ll be able to
e-mail and print them right away.
So what s the difference between the three different versions? The X50
is the most expensive of the three as it comes with extra accessories
like the ABBYY Professional level OCR Software, an executive hard case
and a retractable USB cable. The X10 is the only one to offer a 12v
automobile adaptor, while the X05 is the default scanner that comes with
a leather case, an USB cable, the PaperPort SE software, the CD-ROM
install disc and the quickstart guide.
The X05, X10 and X50 are already available for $369.99, $389.99 and
$439.99, respectively. Are you ready for a portable, high-performance
scanner? Would you buy a DocuPen X-Series model anytime soon?
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